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Forever is over
The darkness of the room seems to shelter me from the atrocities that daylight feeds your eyes. The screaming inside my head momentarily blocks out the sounds of terror from outside the blackened window. Sobbing violently into my hands, I hug my knees as close to my chest as the uniform allows. My temple rests tenderly on my knee, and for a second, I forget. For a second, the pain eases.
Everything has disintegrated into the lemon-coloured meadow. Brimming with primroses, the meadow is my favourite springtime destination. And then I see him. He's walking toward me, his face shining in the sun. His hair blows in the gentle breeze, and I feel myself starting towards him. I can't help but run. I slip into his arms naturally, and he squeezes me with such ease.
"Forever," he whispers to me.
I close my eyes and relax into his shoulders, gently murmuring my reply. "Forever."
The drip of murky water hits my forehead like a brick. The scent of rotting wallpaper brings my reality f
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So Long :icondifferentontheinside:DifferentOnTheInside 1 2
If Only
If only he knew. If only he knew how desperately I wanted to dangle my arms around his shoulders and leave lipstick marks on his smooth cheek.
If only he knew how badly I wanted to run my hand through his hair, and hold him close to me.
If only.
If only we could commandeer a rocket and fly to the stars.
If only we could cheat time and live forever in the land of sparkles and dreams.
Fairy lights are the beauty of the night.
If only to lie there and know nothing else.
If only to be uneducated.
If only to be unaware of life.
Why were you made this way?
Flashbacks and lightening bolts. They always hit you when you're too weak to defend yourself.
Why does the storm always brew when contentment settles in? Brewing and spluttering like a volcano on the verge of devastation.
Dormant. I thought we were dormant.
Explosions are so beautifully sudden, don't you think?
Erruptions take place without a second thought; without any preconsideration of consequences and ramifications.
If only I wa
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"I didn't do it! They told me to!"
I had tried to say no. I'd tried everything. I was firm, I pleaded, I begged, I screamed, I yelled, I swore, I ... Despair. It's such an interesting word. It can produce rips, rape, ripe, rest and spare. Spare. But ... raged, I threatened, I bribed, I reasoned, everything. But nothing would work. Nothing!
"They manipulated me. I don't remember it, I don't remember anything! They did it! They did it! They did it!"
What if the world was a boat, and then things could be changed so easily. Anchors away and bon voyage. Drifting, drifting, drifting.
"I don't know what happened, but I didn't do it! I didn't do it! You have to believe me."
What if every person trusted every person, and no person distrusted any person. The earth would be parallel.
"They told me to. It was them!"
Adjacent and parallel, like a grid. Like battleships. I love battleships.
"You just have to believe me."
Not the game. I mean actual battleships.
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Alone, I wandered through the narrow and cobbled streets feeling like a cloud floating aimlessly in the summer sky. Cherry drops and blue soap; I had slipped away from the others to clear my head, but thoughts seemed to pop here and there like mosquitos, and I couldn't hold onto any for long enough to dwell on them. Ice cream and jelly. I ran my hand through my hair, almost pleased with the tangled, greasy texture that greeted my fingertips.
Why is everything so fluffy?
The street seemed to shine like white gold, and in my head it resembled the shimmering ocean on a stormy day. If only to drift away and be carefree again. If only to taste the smooth, salty-sweet liquor and to chase away the monsters with a wet kiss.
Not my enemies. Not my enemies. Friends. I don't have anyone who... Why is there a hill before me? I always find that... Swans and geese, geese and swans, Mary says... But who Mr Devaldi, who?
I don't know how long I was lying by the pavement. They told me to.
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I don't understand.
I always knew Billy was a liar. But this was low. Really low. I scowled at my phone as its irritating bleeping tone alerted me to another unread text message from one Billy Munroe. Ignoring the bright popup on my Nokia screen, I threw myself back on my bed with a disgruntled, almost dog-like, growl. Massaging my temples, I contemplated reading the message.
Should I? No. No. No. No... But... What if?
I was interrupted by my noisy phone. My eyes slowly opened as my mind churned and whirled with too many emotions to even comprehend. My phone piped up yet again. My eyes fixed on the ceiling, almost statue-like, I couldn't find any motivation to move.
What if he hadn't... what if... what if... what if... why... just... why now? why did he have to...
Another bleep from the Nokia.
The smash of the phone hitting my door was the next thing I remember. I could feel my bottom lip trembling. My breathing was jilted, my throat raspy.
Is this what it feels like to ha
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Freedom. Truth. Beauty. Love.
Artist | Student | Photography
United Kingdom
You can call me Exxy.

Photography student.
English student.
Drama student.
I love them all equally, but unfortunately I am equally as "average" at all three.

My hair is a fiery colour, and I like to dance around my room to Wheatus.

That is all you need to know ;)
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Dear worldwide friends of the tinternetty webbiness,

My sincerest apologies for how horrendously absent I have been recently. Mainly to all the people I follow, since I have suddenly come back on dA for the first time in months, and found my inbox jam-packed full of new journals, polls and artwork. I will try my best over the next week or so to work through it all, so just be patient with me and I will get there :)

A lot has changed recently; my life is completely different to how it was a few months ago. Mainly good changes though. I am enjoying things at the moment, but just busy busy busy. Which obviously means less time for dA. But I'm doing my best!

I hope all of you are well and kicking, and I hope to be looking at all your wonderful pieces of art very soon :XD:

Ciao homies :heart:


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